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Camera settings / deep sky stacker

26 Jun, 2020 05:51
I have probobly been out 3-5 times now taking a bunch of pictures of certain galxies and stuff with at least one major star staying in the picture for reference but when I import my files into deep sky stacker it ends up most of the time saying that it can't find a single star when just my zooming in i can see at least 10 could this have something to do with the seetings like iso and exposure time or is it just that it cant get good picture because I live in a class 6 bortle area?

(if needed I have a Nikon D90)
thanks for the help
26 Jun, 2020 14:40
Two possible reasons come to mind.  First, if the stars are not focused enough, DSS seems to ignore them - make sure your images are as well-focused as possible.  Second, make sure your star detection threshold is low enough to detect stars.  Click the advanced tab when you register the images and make sure it is low.  There is a button there that will count the number of stars it detects.  I believe DSS needs 8 stars for registration, and more is better, however, too many will cause the registration to proceed slowly.  I usually shoot for about 100 depending on the image.

26 Jun, 2020 20:42
There are areas of the sky that have few stars especially if your FOV is small.

If your stars are elongated due to poor tracking or vibration, they may not be counted. As Ron mentioned, click register, advanced tab, and set to 2%, then click to count stars. I do not ever have an issue getting 100. If there are too many adjust higher than 2%. If still not enough you can try to uncheck the box: reduce the noise use median filter.

If this is still not enough, and you are using RAW, on the main page of DSS on the left at the bottom choose options, settings, raw/FITS DDP settings, then you can adjust the brightness there to give the signal a boost.

Note I find DSS has more trouble finding stars in TIF images, RAW gets more stars.
Good luck,
26 Jun, 2020 23:24
I already had tried most of the stuff i had been following along with this video but i will try changing the noise use median filter and the signal boost thing.
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