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Can't comment on images

20 May, 2020 09:43
This morning I find I can't comment on images, the facility to make a comment seems to have disappeared.  I thought it may be because I had not got around to renewing my membership, (no images to post due to weather etc) so I renewed it, but it is still not working.

I wanted to congratulate Marc Agostini on his fine M42 after his self modification of his DSLR.


Edited 20 May, 2020 09:44
20 May, 2020 10:23
Hi Carole,
Do you use an ad blocker? For some reason they interfere with AstroBin comments.
20 May, 2020 10:41
I do, but I find I can make comments on my own posts.
I did change my browser in the last week as my E Mail got hacked. Also changed my E mail address as well.

I have added Astrobin to the White list and see if it helps.

Edited 20 May, 2020 10:42
20 May, 2020 10:49
I have added Astrobin to the White list but nothing has changed.  Maybe I need to log out and login again.  I can make comments on my own images.

It seems to work on Chrome.  Must be my new more secure browser that is the problem.

Edited 20 May, 2020 10:51
20 May, 2020 11:06
What "new more secure browser" is it that you are taking about?
20 May, 2020 15:12

I had the exact same issue yesterday.  Salvatore told me the exact same thing.  I use Firefox with the uBlock plugin.  Turns out for some reason, it seems to have started blocking comments on Astrobin.  I whitelisted Astrobin on uBlock and messages came back.  Poke around, there may be more than one blocker that is at work.

Edited 20 May, 2020 15:12
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