Heaven's Mirror Observatory - Complimentary Data Set

11 May, 2018 10:11
Hello there.  Martin Pugh here.  Just joined Astrobin (about 2 weeks ago) and I would first like to draw your attention to a complimentary data set I have made available on my website for you to download, process and publish here on Astrobin.

The data set can be found here:

Please note that data subscriptions on 3 very high end systems are now underway, and you can join at almost any time.  Details on my website here:


cheers and clear skies
01 Oct, 2018 16:56
404 not found fyi
01 Oct, 2018 20:11
I think the first link should have gone here: https://www.martinpughastrophotography.space/terms-and-conditions-1
as that is where I found an Eta Carina data set.

Martin: Are we allowed to post our results after processing? With credit back to you and the Heaven's Mirror Observatory for the data set.

Thanks, Nico
02 Oct, 2018 11:53
Great Martin!! I will process your image. Thanks for sharing. Hugs: Maicon Germiniani
03 Oct, 2018 08:00
You are Nico. As long as you credit Martins observatory for the data you’re all good smile
03 Oct, 2018 08:54
Hi Martin! good to see you here, big fan of your work!
03 Oct, 2018 17:31
Wow Martin, that's amazing! You have always been a great inspiration to me! And that data is just suberb (probably best I've ever worked with). Thanks for sharing!!

Best regards from Brazil
04 Oct, 2018 04:05
Great data Martin!

Here is my attempt at processing it:

Cheers, Nico
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