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What have we come to?

23 Jun, 2019 15:44
I have now seen it all.  An image of clouds (cloudy sky) has made the TP here on AB.  I just do not know what to say about that.

Edited 23 Jun, 2019 15:48
23 Jun, 2019 16:43
Noctilucent clouds are rare and never seen at lower latitudes. Many astronomers look out for them, so I can see why it would be selected as a Top Pick on an astrophotography website. I would certainly be fascinated by them if I lived where they are visible!

23 Jun, 2019 17:13
As Ethan & Geo says, noctilucent clouds are considered part of the wide-world of astronomical imaging.  Certainly, noctilucent clouds are often discussed and presented in the astronomy magazines to which I subscribe.  They also feature from time to time as APODs and such things as the Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition (IAPY).  So I don't see any issue having them here as TPs and IOTDs.
23 Jun, 2019 17:30
Yes, indeed, they are rare but it is still a picture of a cloudy sky.  If it was a moon halo or sun dogs then it would be a more appropriate choice but in the end, it is just a picture of clouds.  I put no faith in APOD, over the years they have featured non-astronomical images on more than one occasion.

23 Jun, 2019 19:25
I don't think comparing APOD to TP is fair. It's more comparable to IOTD, where I haven't seen any photos of noctilucent clouds as far back as I remember.

Personally, the diversity of APOD is why I use it as my phone wallpaper. It's an opinionated selection of images by two professional astronomers meant for broad public consumption, not skilled astrophotographers.

Edited 23 Jun, 2019 19:27
23 Jun, 2019 20:16
I have now seen it all.  An image of clouds (cloudy sky) has made the TP here on AB.  I just do not know what to say about that.Scott

I would say relax and enjoy a rare beautiful event!  And then I would say " wow really cool"!

Edited 23 Jun, 2019 20:57
23 Jun, 2019 20:28
I would say relax and enjoy a rare beautiful event! And then I.would say " wow really cool"!

I see that the judges and reviewers are "defending the faith" in their choice.  Clouds are not rare around here, as of recent they have been the norm.

Understand that I am not against the picture, just that it was chosen as a TP.  I wonder if a funnel cloud or a hurricane eye would make TP or IOTD?

23 Jun, 2019 20:48
NLCs  are pretty rare particularly as a wide spread event I think. I not understand "defending the faith" comment sorry but I not great English speaker at all.

If refer to Steve's comment above would seem the consideration here is in the norm of astronomical imaging and interest.

24 Jun, 2019 07:35
NLC is associated to numerous astronomical phenomena and criteria, like solar activity, mesosphere temperature (which depends on Earth position related to Sun), and the amount of water in mesosphere, which is by the way related to number of space rocket launches and meteors. "Ultraviolet radiation from the Sun breaks water molecules apart, reducing the amount of water available to form noctilucent clouds… [wikipedia]" Recent NLC was so huge because Sun activity was much lower then the average. So consider it as an indicator of solar activity which can be considered as an astronomical phenomena (more then ice crystals in the air ;-))
Edited 24 Jun, 2019 08:09
24 Jun, 2019 19:13
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24 Jun, 2019 21:30
[…] but in the end, it is just a picture of clouds

I have seen dozens of pictures of clouds beeing IOTD (or even APOD). Mostly on jupiter or saturn, but hey - clouds are clouds, here or there…  smilesmilesmile
24 Jun, 2019 22:05
These are not normal clouds, they are much much higher in the atmosphere than normal clouds, almost as high as the  aurora which are considered astronomical images.  NLC are in the mesosphere, normal clouds are in the stratosphere.
I was reading a scientific analysis of them recently - something about them being formed from ice crystals.
I have yet to see them and would love to.

In any case, TP is not the same as being selected as IOTD, and it's not as if TPs are pushing out other images that could be picked as TPs.

Edited 24 Jun, 2019 22:21
24 Jun, 2019 22:25
Clouds are clouds but you all enjoy them, I am outta here.

25 Jun, 2019 08:24
Clouds are clouds but you all enjoy them, I am outta here.Scott

Oh please come back! Please please please come back!
25 Jun, 2019 11:12
Closing this topic because it looks like it ran its course.
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