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Imaging comets via LRGB-NB

09 Nov, 2018 10:45

so next month a comet will come to say hello and I was wondering if anyone has some insights into how to image a comet using LRGB and possibly NB imaging through my F5.5 APO. I understand that, with OSC cameras, one would do images in intervals and later combine them using either the comet or the stars as registration reference. I am not after doing an animation, just a nice, deep shot of the comet in front of the stars and ideally some interesting details in the tail (either broad- or narrowband data).

My questions
What might be a sensible exposure chain for that purpose using Mono cameras and filters? Something like LRGBLRGBLRGB using, say, 10sec exposures with 5min breaks in between?

I would be worried that the relative movement of the comet makes it hard to get individual filters stacked cleanly for a given exposure time point.

Any insights or pointers to useful tutorials would be appreciated!

Edited 09 Nov, 2018 10:47
09 Nov, 2018 23:44
Thanks Marc for bringing this up. I am in the same boat trying to shoot the comet with ASI1600mm MONO.

I think first I need to understand how to collect the data correctly. Then I could figure out the processing details later .
12 Nov, 2018 13:42
Found this, which seems to answer some of the questions I had:
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