Same person two different images

14 Jun, 2018 13:52
In the past we've had double ups of the same images too close together which we would all like to avoid. What about the same person getting IOTD in 2/3 days?



I'm not personally fond of the second one as it has had too much noise reduction which has caused some black blotchiness which is readily visible in all four corners. Actually… visible in any darker patch.

I know that we never want to have a quota on how many IOTD any one person can win over let's say a month but what about within a few days?
14 Jun, 2018 14:09
Good Pickup Colin  smile
I selected the first one, is well deserved Imo - great rendition of a rare target.
Not sure about the second one either though- it’s not nearly as interesting- but I can’t comment about technical details as I’m only looking on my iPhone right now.
Maybe the judge who chose it can have an in depth second look given the circumstances you have flagged?
15 Jun, 2018 13:48
Another day has gone by without a resolution or response to Colin’s query.
This isn’t the first time that this has happened this year.
I believe this suggests that we really do need a chief/master/boss judge to oversee these type of circumstances.
Salvatore, thoughts?

30 Jun, 2018 05:59
Two weeks on and we have exactly the same thing again, with the same person in fact.

July 3rd:

July 5th:
03 Jul, 2018 00:57
Thoughts? Comments? Do we care about this sort of thing?
05 Jul, 2018 04:08
How about 3 IOTD in 5 days.

Another scheduled for 7/7/18
18 Jul, 2018 02:41
Lol, I just selected another one!
They are great images - I guess he's just joined Astrobin & is moving them over progressively.

OK, I'll uncheck it and pick something else!


18 Jul, 2018 02:56
I agree with you Andy, many of his images are good, they deep integrations of less often imaged objects but we also don't want the same person getting an IOTD an average of once per week as it can be seen as favouritism. I'm actually very surprised that no one kicked up a stink over it when it happened. There are some out there that make it the end of the world when a sub-par image makes it through or the same data set wins within several weeks of one another!
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