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First tip: Buy Narrowband filters and go mono

10 Oct, 2019 17:32
Hi folks,

I should make the first post myself of course.
My "backyard"  balcony is in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
In terms of light pollution: a red zone, bortle class 8.

After four years of DSLR photography, I made the switch to mono and was amazed by the quality improvements of my pictures.
Check an example picture of the Rosette nebula in SHO with my ZWO 7nm filters:

So, my first tip would be…buy a DSLR smile
First learn the ropes of the game and when you can accurately guide, stack and process, move to mono.

Clear skies!
Edited 10 Oct, 2019 20:16
11 Oct, 2019 11:25
I'm in the just about the same stage of development as you. 2 year DSLR limited by Bortle 6 uk urban skies so I have just gone mono (ASI1600 MM, EFW and ZWO NB/RGB filters) and managed to get this Veil image before the clouds came rolling in. I'm sure there's a lot more detail to be squeezed out of the data, so I'm Youtubing lots of narrowband processing vids to learn how to deal with this type of acquisition.

Clear skies,
11 Oct, 2019 16:00
Hi guys.
When I started astrophoto I quickly switched to mono (1 year top with a dslr) and NB.
My tips for anyone starting is mono+canon200mm+ef Lens controller +NB filters as narrow as your budget allows+eq6-r guided or not+ integrate at least 12h, 20h is preferable (I image under SQM18 )
This a winning set-up to overcome high LP
Edited 11 Oct, 2019 16:00
11 Oct, 2019 19:08
I did most of my imaging at White Zoom backyard.
Here is
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