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"light" Mitgliedschaft

01 Mar, 2016 12:21
Gibt es jetzt eine "light" Mitgliedschaft mit 10 oder 12 Bildern / Jahr und wenn, was das kostet die?
01 Mar, 2016 12:43
Hi, sorry for replying in English, but here it is:

  • Free = 10 uploads in total
  • Lite = 12 uploads per year, $18/year
  • Premium = unlimited uploads, $36/year
Hope this makes it clear!
03 Mar, 2016 19:32
Hi Salvatore

Thanks, now it is clear to me!

c.s. Reinhard
28 Jan, 2020 15:18
Hello, Salvatore,a premium membership you can upload 36 pictures per year, right?If my premium membership ends after one year, will my membership automatically renew?What about the unlimited uploads images, will they be reduced to a maximum of 10 and the rest deleted or will my  images remain in my account forever?GreetingWolfgang
Edited 28 Jan, 2020 15:20
28 Jan, 2020 15:23
Hi Wolfgang,
as a Premium member, you have unlimited uploads, not just 36.

Premium memberships purchased after 1.1.2016 do not renew automatically, so you are not charged money automatically. You get an email reminder tho.

When your membership expires, your images will remain in your account forever. You will not be able to upload new images if you don't buy another year of Premium tho (if you already have more than 10 images).

Hope this clarifies smile If you have any more questions, please let me know!

28 Jan, 2020 15:28
Thanks, Salvatore.That helps me. The 36 pictures were a typo!Best regardsWolfgang
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