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What file format do you save to Astrobin

23 May, 2020 16:25
The subject line pretty much says it all. I want to upload the highest res image to this site but not sure if that's FITS, TIFF, XISF, or other. Thanks in advance for your advice.
23 May, 2020 17:35
I have always uploaded PNG, it always rejects tiff if I upload that by mistake.

Edited 23 May, 2020 17:36
23 May, 2020 17:38
It would be nice if ultimate subscribers could up load TIFF images for display
23 May, 2020 17:40
Hi Mike,
resolution has nothing to do with the format: resolution only refers to the number of pixels.

AstroBin accepts the following formats:


There are no limits on resolution, but there is a 25 MB limit if you're on Free or Lite, 50 MB if you're on Premium, and 200 MB if you're on Ultimate.

For best quality, you can upload a lossless JPG of PNG (i.e. without compression), if that's within the limits of your subscription.

AstroBin will store your original upload, but resize it to various resolutions to display it reasonably (e.g. a 200 MB PNG would be too much to display on the technical card page, because it would make the page load too slow).
23 May, 2020 20:30
Thanks all for your help!
23 May, 2020 20:47
Always PNG
25 May, 2020 09:57
A full resolution JPEG would suffice, even when the image contains annotations. For the latter, just compress less when exporting. I find PNGs an overkill for images not contain annotations or other graphic elements. Think about your viewers: PNGs typically are larger thus taking longer to download. Maybe your viewer is under a slow internet connection or he/she's just impatient. I have just experienced this. The waiting for just viewing an image in full-res reminded me the dialup days when images were rendered in our screens line-by-line. Recently I had uploaded a PNG image and I feel it is not a good practice.
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