Howdy folks,

Briefly, was into Astronomy about 15 years ago with a Meade 12" LX200 and some dabbling in Astrophotography back then. Of course, life changed and only now have I been able to afford to return to this amazing hobby.

Whilst a lot is new, at least I know about photography and some Astronomy (that I remember!). But it still a great new learning curve with all the new cameras and software available these days.

Lucky to live in Bortle 2-3 skies, so yep, some nights are amazing and therefore great for photos. Have been slowly accumulating new equipment and now just need a dedicated Astro camera. Hopefully, will have enough $$ very soon. In the meantime, just practising with a (normally) great Sony a6000 camera, but of which this camera doesn't like astrophotography smile

Have just posted one pic taken last week with this camera. Basic, but also quite passable (I reckon) for the camera used and short total exposure time. Check it out if you like and of course, any good or bad comments always will be appreciated now and in future.

Stay virus safe all!

Edited 21 May, 2020 13:39