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Greetings from Bathurst, Australia

28 Jul, 2020 02:57
Hello my name is Don, I am very exited to be apart of the AstroBin community. Such an addictive  hobby!
I am only new to the field and welcome any feedback. Having said that my love for this has gone back many years with 1000's of hours of YouTube videos, reading through forums,  magazines  from way back when I was in my twenty's.

It,s taken me a little while to introduce myself, some of the quality of mages is rather intimidating for a beginner.

Clear Skies :
28 Jul, 2020 07:10
Hi Don,
Welcome to Astrobin.
Assuming you are from Turondale, your images look pretty good to me.  Bathurst is my second home, having been a member of the Bathurst Soaring Club for the last 40 plus years.  Unfortunately, I'm not as well situated being here in light polluted Sydney, but I still enjoy the astrophotography challenge and occasionally take my setup out west.
Cheers,  Graham Horsnell  (grahamh on Astrobin)
28 Jul, 2020 09:30
Hi Graham

I used to work on Jim McGirr's property as a farm hand many years ago now. The closest neighbouring property north / west of the soaring club. I believe the club purchased some land of the McGirr's to expand some years back?

Bathurst isn't such a small town anymore but your face is familiar to me. Maybe we have crossed paths at some time?

Thanks for the kind words. Looking forward to digging into this new hobby.

Cheers Don
29 Jul, 2020 03:40
Hi Don,

The club did indeed buy some of Jim McGirrs land. It has been put to good use and makes for safe landings in strong south westerly conditions.

Not sure if we have crossed paths, but it would indeed be strange if we didn’t have some friends and acquaintances in common.

You must drop in to the club at some time. Visitors are usually most welcome, although at present things are difficult with the club strictly enforcing Covid restrictions.

Cheers,  Graham
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