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Hej from Malmö, Sweden (Brit abroad)

22 May, 2020 10:15

I have been into photography for nearly 15 years now but owned a telescope for 4ish years. My wife bought me a Mak 127/1500 to replace a cheap refractor I had. With it having an f12 ratio and an AZ mount I lost interest quickly.  It never occurred to me until 3 weeks ago to try and attach one of my cameras to the back of it. I took my first picture which was M81 on the AZ mount, I could not believe my eyes!!!! I have upgraded my mount to an equatorial goto, plus a load of other things! I think I am hooked, to the not so joyous tune of my wife not really liking the loss of me to the night sky. I realise that this hobby can be very expensive and am now trying to avoid incrementally upgrading my equipment as my learnings increase. Enjoying my journey! smilesmile
Edited 22 May, 2020 10:17
24 May, 2020 07:45
Hej Brad,
Most wives prefer the loss of their husband to the night sky rather than to the night club :-)
I guess you are safe as long as you don't spend too many bucks within too short time. This hobby
can indeed end up in high expenses but can return much enjoyment even with moderate gear.
Your Mak127 is also great for lunar and planetary photography.
Best wishes,
24 May, 2020 09:03
Velkommen 👍🇸🇪
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