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Hello all from the gulf coast of Florida

24 Feb, 2018 00:01
I'm Michael Yasko and currently living on the gulf coast of Florida.   I've been into photography for around 40 some yrs. Shot sports ,did some advertising work in the 80's and now about a couple of yrs ago started to get  involved in the digital world of photography.   All my work was in film.  I have everything from 35mm to 8x10 in film cameras and will be selling everything to support this new habit I'm about to get involved with.  I've always been interested in astronomy since an early age and now I want to pursue  astrophotography.  I have just started to look into whats available for the beginner.  I've been sitting on my can for 2 days looking at OTA, mounts ,cameras and it's just overwhelming to say the least.  I'm afraid I may need therapy by the end of the week.   I'm like a little kid right now, I want one of everything but I see this is going to take time just deciding on where to start and making the right choices.   I just found this site today and It seems like a great  place to start for advice . I'm just blown away by the fantastic quality of work by the members on here.  Hopefully in a few months I'll have something I'll feel is worthy to add.  Well here I go.
Edited 24 Feb, 2018 00:06
24 Feb, 2018 15:10
Welcome Michael to AstroBin. I have been here almost a year and I am hooked, on this site several times a day. I will be more than happy to help in any way I can. I have been studying everything I can on this subject and there are so many paths to take. Lots of people use the CCD cameras while others like to old way and use DSLRs. I started with the DSLR then upgraded that old camera for a modified Canon Rebel T7i. Right now I am just doing wide angle astrophotography but at the same time practicing post processing with other people's data. I figured if I can't post process all that data then why buy the gear in the first place. My next purchase will be the mount, maybe later this year then the scope just before I retire or just after (3-5 years). I am going to stick with the DSLR and I will get one of Stellarvue's refractors, either the 80 mm or the 105 mm.  I look forward to seeing your work. Feel free to send me a privet message with any questions. Until then, Clear Skies! smile
24 Feb, 2018 19:50
Hello Van, Thanks for the intro. Yes, I can see I'm already hooked and spending way to much time at the computer looking at all the millions of options, so overwhelming.  So the mount is first. I don't want to have to buy twice so I have to choose wisely. I'm looking at the Stellarvue as well, the SV80st-IS so far, that will probably change when I get to that stage. I can't even think about a camera yet. Naturally what I would like to have is out of my budget right now. Being retired makes it tough but theres always ways. I do have a lot of stuff to sell so I might be OK in the end. I hate to invest a fortune living in Fl where the viewing conditions aren't  the best. Hope to get out of here in a few yrs.  I was looking at your post processing, very nice, something else for me to check out as well.  This obsession started 3 days ago. I ran across this guy up in Canada on youtube. His name is Trevor at If you haven't come across him he's worth a look. His DSO are great and all done with modest equipment within my budget.  I didn't see how to contact you privet so I sent this way.

24 Feb, 2018 23:35
Sending a private message is easy, click on the user name then on his/her home page click User and the dropdown will say "Send Private Message"
26 Feb, 2018 23:52
Hi Michael,
I just got started in this hobby, too. I wanted a scope for years, but just couldn't afford it.  But I'm retired now, so whatbthe heck! Bought my first scope … a Celestron 1100 Edge HD back in October, 2017. Now I want to start taking some  photos … lunar and planetary to start with, but I can't make up my mind which camera to purchase.
27 Feb, 2018 01:52
what part of the gulf coast? If Panhandle, you are blessed with some of the darkest skies in the South East USA. Keaton beach and between Suwannee and Cedar Key are pristine Bortle 2 skies, nearly Bortle 1!!! 1 hour there = 15 hours in my suburban backyard! South FL gulf coast has Big Cypress National Park, Intl Dark Sky Certified. Central FL is max LP but 90 min away is Kissimmee Praire State Preserve, also Bortle 3 and Intl Dark Sky Certified.

Fast prime lens and Astromodified full frame cameras are a great way to start. Full frame usually = less dark current/noise, especially in hot FL. While the cooled CMOS and CCD are they way to go, an Astro-modified 6D can do stunning AP.

If Chiefland is nearby, join the local club and meet people at the monthy star parties! I’m in NE FL, holler if you are ever this way  smile
27 Feb, 2018 01:55
Most important is the mount, spend your $$ like this:

mount $$$$$$
camera $$$
scope $$
27 Feb, 2018 02:07
Thanks! Yea I been told by many the mount is #1 , I been looking at many believe me. I'm south os Sarasota, lots of moisture . winter isn't to bad.
Unfortunately Chiefland is a little far from here. I'm starting to look into cameras, wow so overwhelming.
27 Feb, 2018 02:16
Mike, Robert is one great help. I just wished he lived in the same state. His images are, pardon the pun, Out Of This World!

Clear Skies!

27 Feb, 2018 02:47
Van, Do you mean Josh or are you referring to someone else? if so, and yes, his images are out there!
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