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Hello from Dripping Springs, Texas USA

16 Nov, 2019 15:41
Hello!  Ive been interested in astronomy since I was a young boy.  Now that I'm retired, I hope to have more time to really enjoy the hobby and perfect my imaging skills.  I've recently started using Pixinsight but have a long way to go to master it
Edited 16 Nov, 2019 15:46
17 Nov, 2019 22:07
Hi rgrickert,

welcome to AstroBin. The long road using PixInsight ist really worth it - but on the way you'll love it and you'll hate it ;-)

CS from germany,
18 Nov, 2019 01:24
Thank you!  I used to use MaxIm and photoshop but that was years ago.  I stopped imaging for a while because we lived in London (clouds and light pollution but fun) and now I'm eager to get back to it.

Thanks for the encouragement!
19 Nov, 2019 01:55
Welcome to a fellow Texan, rgrickert!  I retired several years ago, picked up this hobby, and absolutely love it.  I hope you can have as much fun as I have had these past few years, although it is probably the most challenging hobby you could pick up.   Astrobin is great for imaging ideas and getting questions answered.  Spend time learning PI - it is well worth it!
19 Nov, 2019 02:25
Hi Gary!  Nice to make your acquaintance.  Where in Texas are you located?
19 Nov, 2019 08:47
Hello, Bob!  I'm over in East Texas, in Onalaska on the shores of Lake Livingston.  I like your new profile pic!
18 Mar, 2020 20:02
Hey Bob!

I'm up in Cedar Park.

How are the skies down there?
18 Mar, 2020 22:45
Hi Bob,
I am in Southern California, with a patch of dirt in the eastern Sierra Nevada. Welcome back to imaging.

19 Mar, 2020 07:10
Hi Bob, I'm in Dripping Springs as well. Welcome!  smile

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