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Hello from Barcelona

20 Aug, 2019 09:13
Hi there!

I've been into astronomy since the mid '90s , but with a huge parentesis till 2015.

When I was doing Astronomy in the 90's all that I wanted is to get a real motorized EQ mount, a film SLR camera, remote shutter and a 80mm long achro refractor…long time since then, shooting meteors in film with 50mm, some moon pictures, etc…now I am back in the hobby and I am amazed of what we have now at our disposal. I've rejoined astronomy with a manual 8" f/6 SW Dobson, which I am very happy with it, and later I have got a Canon 2000D DSLR, SW EQ5, and a 6" f/5 Celestron Omni XLT for taking some pictures and I am really impressed of how simple is today for an amateur to take incredible pictures.

I do AP from my balcony which is somewhat difficult as it has a roof  smile , but sometimes I move on to my mother's house where I have plenty of space and a bit darker sky. Anyway, my balcony is on a corner, and I can see from the southwest to the north from 30º to 60º elevation, so, not perfect, but doable. I have to select what to picture or observe depending on the time of the year so it is visible from my balcony. It is a nice challenge that allows me to concentrate on knowing constellations, one at a time, and spending some month with each. With the difficulty it comes some creativity, I guess.  smile

I am in no way interested in taking professional pictures…I only want to see the beauty of our cosmos as seen by me, and I try to keep it as simple as possible.

I enjoy the most (when at a dark site) shooting in color using no laptop, no guiding, no goto, just simple tracking, pointing manually, focusing with liveview zoom, test a bit the framing on the camera display and just shoot a short series. usually 30x30s or 30x60s,and then at home stack with DSS, stretch a bit in PS and setting black point…really uncomplicated and allows me to take four, five objects in a single night and see how they look! If I like them, I can add more integration time later or dedicate a full night to it, if possible.

I know the real way to go is smaller and lighter  APO scope, laptop,mono dedicated camera, filters, guiding, longer exposures, more integration time, etc…but I am not in the mod for that now. Maybe later. Who knows.  I try to enjoy things one at a time and learn the complete lessons before going further. I am happy with what I do.

I've just ordered a cheap LP filter and a bathinov mask for focusing as I think it will help to take better photos while keeping it really simple. Let's see  smile

I've just published some of my first photos and some of you have showed that you liked it  ¡Thank you all for the warm welcome!  smile
20 Aug, 2019 21:27

welcome to AstroBin!

CS from germany,
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