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Hello from Glasgow

04 Apr, 2018 11:34
Hi All

I got interested in space and astronomy as a wee boy watching the Apollo moon landings, and then a lot of time passed very quickly…

I've just started getting into astrophotography and am feeling my way along slowly.  I think my main interest will end up being DSOs but I love looking at all types of images.  That said, I'd be getting along faster if I took up cloud photography as a hobby!!

All the best

04 Apr, 2018 12:23
Hi Michael,

welcome here in our small community from one Michael to another :-)

Greetings and clear skies from germany,
04 Apr, 2018 15:09
Hi Michael,

Living not too far from you in West Lothian I very much feel your pain with regard to the weather. It's been truly awful for weeks.

What I have found in the 6 months or so since I made my first tentative steps into astroimaging is that this is an exceptionally friendly and helpful community full of very clever people who are generous with help and advice. You will almost certainly get answers to any questions you will have on various online forums.

Good luck with your new hobby from a fellow novice.

Clear skies,
04 Apr, 2018 16:55
Hiya Michael,

I used to live in Glasgow, you are gonna have some challenge with the weather! But don't give up, use your clear sky time wisely  smile


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