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Hello from Kingscliff, Australia

14 Sep, 2019 21:37
Greetings fellow space explorers.

I have been obsessed with the cosmos since I can remember. I love the humbling aspect of it which always puts my life into perspective. After many years peering through an eyepiece I have just commenced my journey into Astrophotography and although I’ve not taken any decent images yet…… I am hooked.

I’m looking forward to learning from you all and sharing my journey.

Have a perfect day!

Edited 14 Sep, 2019 21:40
15 Sep, 2019 13:42
Hi Anthony!

Heh heh, I am you three months in the future. I just got started in this crazy hobby in June when I bought my first proper telescope and mount and feel like every day I need to learn one more thing.

I took a look at where your from and it certainly falls into the 'fantastic' not just in the beaches and vistas, but you're far enough from the Gold Coast to have fairly low light pollution. No need for narrowband filters for you  smile

I have gotten a lot of my information from 2 astrophotography youtubers, Trevor Jones (his channel is Astrobackyard) who lives about 45 minutes from me, and Dylan O'Donnell who lives in Byron Bay 45 min from you. Seeing what Trevor could do from his backyard so close to me inspired me to give it a try.

Looking forward to seeing your first images!

- Phil
15 Sep, 2019 20:40
Thanks for your reply Phil.

I have been watching some of Dylan's videos. Its been a big help in getting this all set up.

Yes, I am very fortunate to have a good balance of beaches, vistas and low light pollution.

What equipment are you using?

I did a stack of imaging last night (got through a whole night without too many dramas) and looking forward to processing today to see what I end up with.
16 Sep, 2019 14:26
How did the processing go? Anything you'll be posting?

I've heard the other thing you are fortunate with in your area are no dew issues. I left my rig out one night recently shooting the Andromeda Galaxy M31. I was monitoring using Teamview from the house then felt lazy and went to bed. By morning, my rig and laptop were covered in dew. Fortunately I completed my sequence before my objective lens fogged over. Unfortunately I made the noob error of using a narrowband filter on a broadband galaxy so the hours of data collected was largely useless.

I have dew heaters now… and a broadband LP filter.
20 Sep, 2019 09:04
Hi Anthony,

welcome to AstroBin!

Cs from germany,
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