Hello from New Hampshire!

01 Apr, 2018 15:31
Hello Astrophotographers!

I am joining you from southern New Hampshire. This site was a very exciting discovery. I am looking forward to seeing your work, sharing mine, and improving on my technique, approach, and results.

I am currently set up with a Canon Rebel T5i DSLR for DSOs and a ZWO ASI120MC-S for planetary imaging on an 8" reflector. Looking to soon switch to a dedicated CCD or CMOS deep sky camera, but for now I have been pleased with the results from my DSLR. Still working on noise reduction though during both acquisition and processing.

I've been an astronomer/astrophotographer for just a couple years now but there is no going back. I am hooked!

Clear Skies!
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01 Apr, 2018 21:32
Hi Chris,
wellcome from Italy.
01 Apr, 2018 22:12
Welcome Chris, I am new here as well (I bought a premium membership less than a month ago).  I think you will like it here.
Dean Jacobsen
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02 Apr, 2018 00:39
Welcome Chris from a much more light polluted Florida  smile.
02 Apr, 2018 00:43
Hi Chris,
welcome from Germany. I wish you a lot of clear skies :-)
02 Apr, 2018 02:27
Welcome from Ojai, Ca.   smile
02 Apr, 2018 19:58
Welcome Chris! I’m new too to the Astrobin-family, but I ‘ m already really enjoing to be a part of it! Greetings from Sweden!
03 Apr, 2018 16:49
Welcome from Sweden   smile
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