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Hi from suburban Washington DC

23 Mar, 2020 20:35
I've actually had an account on Astrobin for a few years now, but let it lay unused. I put my first real image up last month, and today I've gone Premium with the intent of putting all of my future images here. The recent data event with Astrobin rekindled my interest in it. I am a systems engineer by day, and have run operational environments at places ranging from academia to silicon valley startups, to established large corporations. I know that complex systems can fail in complex ways, but also that mistakes can happen and be learned from. I recognize that even with money from paid subs, one person running something like Astrobin in their spare time is also a labor of love.

I contribute to the NINA software project, and am an advocate for Open Source projects in general. I'm glad that Astrobin continues to be an open source project and am happy to support it. It is very enriching to the astrophotography community to have such a dedicated service.
23 Mar, 2020 22:48
26 Mar, 2020 12:17
Hi Dale. I'm just up the road in Baltimore.
NINA is great software, thanks for contributing. I started a NINA group here to showcase images taken using the software smile
Edited 26 Mar, 2020 12:18
26 Mar, 2020 21:08
Welcome Dale!  It's a great time to sink your teeth into astrophotography.  This site can be very useful for planning your targets and seeing what others with similar equipment are getting.


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