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Shooting Range, 


            Guillermo Gonzalez

Shooting Range

Acquisition type: Lucky imaging

Imaging telescopes or lenses: Celestron 9.25 XLT

Imaging cameras: ZWO ASI 224mc

Mounts: Skywatcher AZ-EQ 5GT

Focal reducers: Televue 2x Powermate

Software: SharpCap Pro Sharcap 3.2  ·  Adobe Lightroom 6

Filters: Astronomik IR ProPlanet 642

Accessory: Astrojolo Astrolink 4.0 Mini

Date: June 28, 2020

Focal length: 4700

Resolution: 1359x944

Locations: Casa, Ciudad Santo Domingo, MADRID, Spain

Data source: Backyard


Not being able to shoot much lately, so keeping on with the archeo-astrophotography, digging out old unprocessed sessions. This one was from the previous ASI 224 just before it passed away... I have processed out many dust and other problems that I had with the sensor.

I have managed to processed a couple of photos, the first one is this wonder South Pole "shooting range".... with craters as Mutus, Cuvier and Jacobi among many many many many other.

When processing I felt that a close-up of the area would make a "powerful" image, I hope you like it. Best, Guillermo