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Sharpless2 Objects

Since these objects have been my target of choice in the light polluted San Francisco Bay Area I thought I would make a grouping. Often I want to search Astrobin for prior efforts to see if the image is feasible. Here I can put together a series of mine and others attempts and failures.... Hey avoid Sh2 85)....

I chose these because they are visible in light polluted areas. These objects generally represent left over Hydrogen along the edge of the Milky Way that has gotten molded into interesting shapes.

****** Salvador has now enabled ordering of "Collections" by tags. I have created a collection of all my Sharpless2 Objects order by tag. the Tag is Sh "Sh=298 or Sh=086". This gives you the option to sort by Sharpless2 number or chronologically. This is found in the "Edit" "Setting" information on your image.

The Sort Images Option is in the top menu of this Group. By adding the tag you can also have your own collection in your own gallery and sort it there also..

If this is done correctly all copies of the same Sharpless2 object will appear one after the other for comparison... this is useful to compare different equipment and filters.

This is my collection... finally completed in 2021:


Wide-Angle Hydrogen Alpha Nikon Image Sh2 79-171

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Hope you enjoy these obscure but interesting objects...