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There are a large number of Jupiter imagers who through, their skill, equipment, location and luck (seeing) produce Jupiter images of outstanding resolution and detail. A number produce movies by integrating a number of imaging runs. Universally astronomers who image Jupiter from around the world use lucky or speckle imaging techniques. Such short duration movies are generally not long enough to show the turbulent movement within the atmosphere of Jupiter. Could we collaborate to produce a movie with the GRS centrally located, in an effort to see the dynamic motion of the turbulent atmosphere, similar to the Voyager 1 movie. Over a day or two there should be noticeable motion. If the weather is clear, one generally gets the opportunity to image with the GRS front and centre every 2 days. If we had access to a large number of imagers, someone will hopefully have clear skies and good seeing to allow us to get a good image of the GRS every rotation of the planet. 2 per day over 2 or 3 weeks would yield 30 to 40 images, enough to produce a nice film. It could be fun to produce something interesting and valuable, collaborating on our imaging techniques and methodologies.

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