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Public groups Open to the whole community.

NameCategoryLast activityMembersImagesForum posts
AAA : Astronomes et Astrographes AmateursInternet community7554730
Adaptive OpticsSpecific to certain equipment579
Alsacian Astrophotographers (east of France)Geographical area3150
Arp's Peculiar GalaxiesSpecific to an astrophotography target321121
ASI 071 mccSpecific to certain equipment16884
Astrofreunde-FrankenClub or association94051
Astro Imagers of Hong KongGeographical area4240
Astronomical Society of Victoria (ASV)Club or association186160
Astrophotographes (France)Geographical area5210818
Astrophotography with DobsonSpecific to certain equipment10980
Atmospheric optics and skyscapesOther11220
AvexClub or association138521
AZGTi SkywatcherOther110
Barnard Astronomical Society of ChattanoogaClub or association42430
Beginners APInternet community9590732
C8 XLT Celestron Deep Space Specific to certain equipment5470
Camera Lens AstrophotographySpecific to certain equipment164121058
Cave AstrolaSpecific to certain equipment130
Celestron RASASpecific to certain equipment2100
Central USAGeographical area1350
China Lijiang Gemini ObservatoryGeographical area275271
Cloudy NightsInternet community195156120
CMOS ImagersSpecific to certain equipment9516800
Comets ImagingSpecific to an astrophotography target543392
Cooled Color CamsSpecific to certain equipment251710
Deep Sky MosaicsSpecific to an imaging technique8123233
DSLR/Mirrorless Imagers from the WorldSpecific to certain equipment175257528
DSLR narrowbandSpecific to certain equipment371840
Dutch ImagersGeographical area4120
EAA and Video ImagingSpecific to certain equipment2130
Entre Encinas y Estrellas (e-EyE)Professional network243360
Equipment showcaseOther741160
Fast NewtoniansSpecific to certain equipment6174125
FLI Microline imagesSpecific to certain equipment1250
Flotation Equipment,Mixing Equipment,Concentration EquipmentProfessional network101
Ghezz ObservatoryClub or association21390
Great Red Spot (GRS) movie projectSpecific to an astrophotography target3510106
Gso 8 RC Telescope ImagesSpecific to certain equipment235304
Halpha by reflexSpecific to certain equipment7300
Hubble Legacy ArchiveSpecific to an imaging technique10302
HyperStar Lens AstrophotographySpecific to certain equipment192550
IAS - Internationale AmateursternwarteClub or association81094
Imagers of ItalyGeographical area72471911
Imagers of SwitzerlandGeographical area1922152
Images from the EdgeHD SeriesSpecific to certain equipment3145129
Images of TaiwanGeographical area312820
Image the UniverseOther323270
Incredibles UniverseOther200
INDI UsersOther282250
KODAK 8300 sensorSpecific to an imaging technique10450
Low-Cost AstrophotographyOther6838933
M87 and the relativistic jetSpecific to an astrophotography target100
Made in Tivoli/NamibiaGeographical area3550
Maksutov imagingSpecific to certain equipment2150
Marvel UniversInternet community100
Members of AstroCamp in Nerpio, SpainGeographical area4914
Members of Deep Sky WestGeographical area4981219
Messier Objects With 22" Dob from Southern HemisphereSpecific to an imaging technique3220
Milwaukee Astronomical SocietyClub or association83630
Mirasteilas Observatory, Falera, SwitzerlandClub or association2500
Moravian UsersSpecific to certain equipment116110
Musical ImagersInternet community1724132
Narrowband imagingSpecific to an imaging technique263292632
Narrowband Solar imagingSpecific to an astrophotography target52831
New GalaxyFriends or partners100
Nexstar8SE All-StarsSpecific to certain equipment140
"Nordish by nature"Geographical area244685
Northeast ImagersGeographical area3752975
NOVACClub or association664
Nuremberg Public ObservatoryGeographical area112260
Objects of the South - negative declination onlyOther5320
Observatory MariazellClub or association63902
Only Monochromatic (no color, please!)Specific to an imaging technique705041
Pacific Northwest AstrophotographersGeographical area570
Pentax K3 IISpecific to certain equipment1120
Planetary NebulaeSpecific to an astrophotography target62100
QHY Users GroupSpecific to certain equipment7155624
Ritchey Chretien telescopes GSO FamilySpecific to certain equipment4633543
Samyang 135 f/2Specific to certain equipment561990
Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope (SCT) ImagersSpecific to certain equipment102165022
SF Bay Area ImagersGeographical area2426227
Short exposures DSOSpecific to an imaging technique502214
Sicilian AstroImagersGeographical area4370
"Simply Stellarvue"Specific to certain equipment364692
Skywatcher Star AdventurerSpecific to certain equipment9250441
Solar System ImagingSpecific to an astrophotography target7621052
Sonoma County astrophotographersGeographical area101
Sony 694 ImagesSpecific to certain equipment201651
Sony ICX814Specific to certain equipment71880
Star TrailsSpecific to an imaging technique21610
Suburban AstrophotographyOther1673212100
Sun in hydrogen 656 nm lightSpecific to an astrophotography target203076
TAKAHASHI FC76 SHOOTINGSpecific to an imaging technique130
Takahashi RefractorsSpecific to certain equipment341890
The OSC Club (One Shot Camera)Specific to an imaging technique6612224
The refractors!Specific to certain equipment16331360
UK Astro-ImagingGeographical area4439283
Unique or Unusal Deep Sky TargetsOther411832
Universe RamapgeOther100
Very Wide FieldSpecific to an imaging technique541790
William Optics GT81 apo who use a ZWO ASI178Specific to certain equipment101
WO Star 71Specific to certain equipment3214764
ZWO ASI1600MM/QHY163MSpecific to certain equipment3212918245
ZWO ASI183/QHY183Specific to certain equipment311070