Celestial hemisphere:  Northern  ·  Constellation: Leo (Leo)  ·  Contains:  NGC 3521  ·  The star 62Leo
NGC 3521 Ultra deep View, 


            Utkarsh mishra
NGC 3521 Ultra deep View
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NGC 3521 Ultra deep View, 


            Utkarsh mishra
NGC 3521 Ultra deep View
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Imaging Telescopes Or Lenses
16" f3.75 Dream Astrograph
Imaging Cameras
FLI PL16803

Acquisition details

Basic astrometry details

Astrometry.net job: 4566708

RA center: 11h05m43s.2

DEC center: +00°0021

Pixel scale: 1.232 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 269.830 degrees

Field radius: 0.890 degrees

Resolution: 3635x3727

File size: 4.3 MB

Data source: Amateur hosting facility

Remote source: Insight Observatory


My website -https://www.utkarshmishraastrophotography.com/galaxies?pgid=iy1d7by9-88ad9edd-b1c4-46d8-92a1-00a78af17074

Gorgeous spiral galaxy NGC 3521 is a mere 35 million light-years away, toward the constellation Leo. Relatively bright in planet Earth's sky, NGC 3521 is easily visible in small telescopes but often overlooked by amateur imagers in favor of other Leo spiral galaxies, like M66 and M65. It's hard to overlook in this colorful cosmic portrait, (APOD)

***Processing Information till now this has been the most difficult object to process, i spent more than 20+hrs processing this galaxy, i used Photoshop, ccd stack and pixinsight, structure pulling was mainly done by layers and mask, as it was quite dim so combination of noise reduction and masking helped a lot , adding more tone to structure was done in Pixinsight thanks to dear friend marcel for some final color correction. Ps : the signal was way to faint so only option was these 🙂

All data shot from Remote observatory

technical Details : 16"F3.7 Dream Scope Astrograph, FLI PL16803 CCD,B adderLRGBha filters Around 291Mins of L 125mins of Red Green Blue 600sec X 6 Bin 2x2 halpha 11.85 hrs total LRGBha Data under Pristine Dark skies of New Mexico www.insightobservatory.com Copyright and Credits: UtkarshMishra, Michael Petrasko,Muir Evenden


Sky plot

Sky plot


NGC 3521 Ultra deep View, 


            Utkarsh mishra

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