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Omega Centauri NGC5139, 



Omega Centauri NGC5139

04/26/2020, by jlangston_astro

Megalaxy Zoom, 


            Bastien Foucher

Megalaxy Zoom

04/25/2020, by Bastien Foucher



            Uros Gorjanc


04/24/2020, by Uros Gorjanc

NGC 6726 -  The Anteater Nebula, 


            Adrien Klamerius

NGC 6726 - The Anteater Nebula

04/23/2020, by Adrien Klamerius

Ngc 2392, 



Ngc 2392

04/22/2020, by Exaxe

IC 2602 - Southern Pleiades, 


            Casey Good

IC 2602 - Southern Pleiades

04/21/2020, by Casey Good

Part of Milky Way 2*3 Mosaic, 


            Zhuoqun Wu

Part of Milky Way 2*3 Mosaic

04/20/2020, by Zhuoqun Wu

Gabriela Mistral in the Sky with Diamonds, 


            Bogdan Borz

Gabriela Mistral in the Sky with Diamonds

04/19/2020, by Bogdan Borz



            Philippe BERNHARD


04/18/2020, by Philippe BERNHARD

The Heart of the Milky Way - The Backbone of Night, 


            Gabriel R. Santos...

The Heart of the Milky Way - The Backbone of Night

04/17/2020, by Gabriel R. Santos...

SH2-308 Wide Narrowband, 


            Josh Smith

SH2-308 Wide Narrowband

04/16/2020, by Josh Smith



            Anis Abdul


04/15/2020, by Anis Abdul



            Philippe BERNHARD


04/14/2020, by Philippe BERNHARD

Venus and M45, 


            Rabbit Zhang

Venus and M45

04/13/2020, by Rabbit Zhang

The Great Orion nebula (M42) - Two systems combination, 


            Trần Hạ

The Great Orion nebula (M42) - Two systems combination

04/12/2020, by Trần Hạ

Jellyfish Nebula, 



Jellyfish Nebula

04/11/2020, by equinoxx



            Adam Landefeld


04/10/2020, by Adam Landefeld

NGC 2467, 


            Kfir Simon

NGC 2467

04/09/2020, by Kfir Simon

Regulus & Leo 1 Dwarf Galaxi, 


            Marc Verhoeven

Regulus & Leo 1 Dwarf Galaxi

04/08/2020, by Marc Verhoeven

ISS March 28th 2020 20:00 over Germany, 


            Thomas Klemmer

ISS March 28th 2020 20:00 over Germany

04/07/2020, by Thomas Klemmer

M106 Widefield, 


            Andy Ermolli

M106 Widefield

04/06/2020, by Andy Ermolli

The "naked" Andromeda, 


            Trần Hạ

The "naked" Andromeda

04/05/2020, by Trần Hạ

Jupiter 2019-05-24 16:35UT, 


            Darren (DMach)

Jupiter 2019-05-24 16:35UT

04/04/2020, by Darren (DMach)

NGC 3628 and a Stream of Stars, 


            Kent Wood

NGC 3628 and a Stream of Stars

04/03/2020, by Kent Wood

The Running man, 


            Kfir Simon

The Running man

04/02/2020, by Kfir Simon

M106 and NGC 4217, 


            Jens Zippel

M106 and NGC 4217

04/01/2020, by Jens Zippel

M101 | The PinWheel Galaxy, 


            Kevin Morefield

M101 | The PinWheel Galaxy

03/31/2020, by Kevin Morefield

The Witch Head Nebula - Reprocessed, 


            Gabriel R. Santos...

The Witch Head Nebula - Reprocessed

03/30/2020, by Gabriel R. Santos...

StDr 29, 


            Peter Goodhew

StDr 29

03/29/2020, by Peter Goodhew

Sh2-308 Star Bubble, 


            Anis Abdul

Sh2-308 Star Bubble

03/28/2020, by Anis Abdul