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M17 - The Chaotic Swan and Neighbors, 


            Alan Pham

M17 - The Chaotic Swan and Neighbors

09/01/2020, by Alan Pham

Lunar age 10 terminator, 


            David Cheng

Lunar age 10 terminator

08/31/2020, by David Cheng

VdB 141 (rework), 



VdB 141 (rework)

08/30/2020, by meeus

Saturn with Excellent Seeing !!, 


            Young Joon Byun

Saturn with Excellent Seeing !!

08/29/2020, by Young Joon Byun

Windblown NGC 3981, 


            Adam Block

Windblown NGC 3981

08/28/2020, by Adam Block

Jacoby 1 (PK 085+52.1), 


            Boris US5WU

Jacoby 1 (PK 085+52.1)

08/27/2020, by Boris US5WU

M31 - Andromeda Galaxy, 


            Yakov Grus

M31 - Andromeda Galaxy

08/26/2020, by Yakov Grus

Omega Centauri, IFN and small galaxies, 



Omega Centauri, IFN and small galaxies

08/25/2020, by Magellan_Team

NEW DISCOVERY: the "Auris-Nebula" (PaStDr 4), 


            Marcel Drechsler

NEW DISCOVERY: the "Auris-Nebula" (PaStDr 4)

08/24/2020, by Marcel Drechsler

Gas Menagerie, OU-4, Sh2-129, Bernard 150, The Flying Bat, The squid and The Dark Seahorse Nebulas, 



Gas Menagerie, OU-4, Sh2-129, Bernard 150, The Flying Bat, The squid and The Dark Seahorse Nebulas

08/23/2020, by oaklandish

Sh2-150 & VDB 154 in Cepheus, 



Sh2-150 & VDB 154 in Cepheus

08/22/2020, by pete_xl

LDN 1228 and LBN 552, 


            Maurice Toet

LDN 1228 and LBN 552

08/21/2020, by Maurice Toet

Mars occultation, 


            Carlos Alberto Pa...

Mars occultation

08/20/2020, by Carlos Alberto Pa...

Sh 2-115 and Sh 2-116, 


            Tim Hutchison

Sh 2-115 and Sh 2-116

08/19/2020, by Tim Hutchison

Mars - 2020-08-10 0728UT, 


            Anis Abdul

Mars - 2020-08-10 0728UT

08/18/2020, by Anis Abdul

Cepheus-Cygnus 32 panel megamosaic., 


            Olly Penrice

Cepheus-Cygnus 32 panel megamosaic.

08/17/2020, by Olly Penrice

Cocoon nebula in HaLRGB (reworked from scratch), 



Cocoon nebula in HaLRGB (reworked from scratch)

08/16/2020, by meeus

NGC 6543, 


            Stamatis Paraschakis

NGC 6543

08/15/2020, by Stamatis Paraschakis

NGC 5364 in Virgo, 


            Markus Blauensteiner

NGC 5364 in Virgo

08/14/2020, by Markus Blauensteiner

ISS Passage over Belgium, 


            Wouter Vangeel

ISS Passage over Belgium

08/13/2020, by Wouter Vangeel

NGC 2020 & consorts, 



NGC 2020 & consorts

08/12/2020, by Los_Calvos

VDB4 and the Sailboat Cluster | A Reflecting Dark Nebula, 


            Kevin Morefield

VDB4 and the Sailboat Cluster | A Reflecting Dark Nebula

08/11/2020, by Kevin Morefield

IC5146 - Cocoon Nebula, 


            Riccardo Balia

IC5146 - Cocoon Nebula

08/10/2020, by Riccardo Balia

NGC6888 - Crescent Nebula, 


            Riccardo Balia

NGC6888 - Crescent Nebula

08/09/2020, by Riccardo Balia

Comet C/2020 F3 (Neowise), 


            Leo Shatz

Comet C/2020 F3 (Neowise)

08/08/2020, by Leo Shatz





08/07/2020, by Alcarreno

a blue eye  from space (WR 134), 


            Wei Li

a blue eye from space (WR 134)

08/06/2020, by Wei Li

SH2-116, 115, and 112 Widefield, 


            Kevin Morefield

SH2-116, 115, and 112 Widefield

08/05/2020, by Kevin Morefield





08/04/2020, by ItalianJobs

NEOWISE Comet on July 18th, 


            Fluorine Zhu

NEOWISE Comet on July 18th

08/03/2020, by Fluorine Zhu