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NGC7635 and M52, 


            Bart Delsaert

NGC7635 and M52

10/12/2018, by Bart Delsaert

VdB 149, VdB 150, LDN1235, 


            Andreas Zirke

VdB 149, VdB 150, LDN1235

10/11/2018, by Andreas Zirke

Abell 31, 


            Casey Good

Abell 31

10/10/2018, by Casey Good

Busy Part Of Cassiopeia Treasure!, 


            Mohammad Nouroozi

Busy Part Of Cassiopeia Treasure!

10/09/2018, by Mohammad Nouroozi

Barnard 150 - a dark nebula in the constellation of Cepheus, 


            Steve Milne

Barnard 150 - a dark nebula in the constellation of Cepheus

10/08/2018, by Steve Milne

Melotte 15 (Ha OIII bicolor), 


            Mats Pfersdorff

Melotte 15 (Ha OIII bicolor)

10/07/2018, by Mats Pfersdorff

Wide field - Hyades  and company, 


            Alberto Pisabarro

Wide field - Hyades and company

10/06/2018, by Alberto Pisabarro

HFG 1, PK 136.3+05.5, 



HFG 1, PK 136.3+05.5

10/05/2018, by Big_Dipper

IC5070 SHO, 


            Christopher Gomez

IC5070 SHO

10/04/2018, by Christopher Gomez

NGC7023 Iris Nebula, 


            Jerry Macon

NGC7023 Iris Nebula

10/03/2018, by Jerry Macon

Cepheus View, 



Cepheus View

10/02/2018, by ItalianJobs

From Pleiades to California - A Dusty Field, 


            Gabriel R. Santos...

From Pleiades to California - A Dusty Field

10/01/2018, by Gabriel R. Santos...





09/30/2018, by MakikoSugimura

vdB 142 The Elephant Trunk, 


            Lluis Romero Ventura

vdB 142 The Elephant Trunk

09/29/2018, by Lluis Romero Ventura

M31 - Deep Sky West Remote Observatory, 


            Deep Sky West (Ll...

M31 - Deep Sky West Remote Observatory

09/28/2018, by Deep Sky West (Ll...

OWL Cluster - NGC 457, 


            Davide Coverta

OWL Cluster - NGC 457

09/27/2018, by Davide Coverta

Barnard 175 - Cosmic Curiosities, 


            Jason Guenzel

Barnard 175 - Cosmic Curiosities

09/26/2018, by Jason Guenzel

Pickering's Triangle (bicolor), 


            John Renaud

Pickering's Triangle (bicolor)

09/25/2018, by John Renaud

Sh2-114 The Flying Dragon Nebula, 


            Jens Zippel

Sh2-114 The Flying Dragon Nebula

09/24/2018, by Jens Zippel

LBN 438, 


            Bart Delsaert

LBN 438

09/23/2018, by Bart Delsaert

Ghost of Cassiopeia, 


            sky-watcher (johny)

Ghost of Cassiopeia

09/22/2018, by sky-watcher (johny)

8 tiles mosaic in cygnus, 



8 tiles mosaic in cygnus

09/21/2018, by David

Abell 85 CTB1, 


            Barry Wilson

Abell 85 CTB1

09/20/2018, by Barry Wilson

Dumbbell M27, 


            Lukasz Socha

Dumbbell M27

09/19/2018, by Lukasz Socha

NGC4565 "Needle Galaxy" & friends, 


            Jean-Baptiste Auroux

NGC4565 "Needle Galaxy" & friends

09/18/2018, by Jean-Baptiste Auroux

Mars from Chilescope, 7 September 2018, 


            Dzmitry Kananovich

Mars from Chilescope, 7 September 2018

09/17/2018, by Dzmitry Kananovich

LDN 1495, LBN 782 and surroundings (B7, B10, B209, B211/3, B213, B216, VdB 27), 


            Maurice Toet

LDN 1495, LBN 782 and surroundings (B7, B10, B209, B211/3, B213, B216, VdB 27)

09/16/2018, by Maurice Toet

Andromeda Asi 071, 


            Richard Sweeney

Andromeda Asi 071

09/15/2018, by Richard Sweeney

NGC 7662 - Blue Snowball Nebula, 


            Łukasz Sujka

NGC 7662 - Blue Snowball Nebula

09/14/2018, by Łukasz Sujka



            Andreas Zirke


09/13/2018, by Andreas Zirke