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Flame and Horse Head, 


            Emil Pera

Flame and Horse Head

06/04/2012, by Emil Pera

Comet 17/P Holmes, 


            Giovanni Benintende

Comet 17/P Holmes

06/03/2012, by Giovanni Benintende

Scorpio and Milky Way center, 


            Rafael Defavari

Scorpio and Milky Way center

06/02/2012, by Rafael Defavari





06/01/2012, by Michael_Xyntaris





05/30/2012, by Zyklop

ngc 2244 narrow, 


            Giuseppe Petralia

ngc 2244 narrow

05/29/2012, by Giuseppe Petralia

M 8 Bicolor, 



M 8 Bicolor

05/27/2012, by FrancescoTallarico

M64 The black eye galaxy, 



M64 The black eye galaxy

05/26/2012, by astrojoe

Messier 13, 


            Mike Millan

Messier 13

05/25/2012, by Mike Millan

First Stage M27, 


            Chris Kennedy

First Stage M27

05/24/2012, by Chris Kennedy



            Francesco Di Cencio


05/23/2012, by Francesco Di Cencio

Ring Of Fire, 


            David Warner

Ring Of Fire

05/22/2012, by David Warner

Galassia M66, 


            Giovanni Benintende

Galassia M66

05/21/2012, by Giovanni Benintende

Sun in H-alpha, 



Sun in H-alpha

05/20/2012, by antares2500

SUN 17.5.2012, 


            Rauno Päivinen

SUN 17.5.2012

05/18/2012, by Rauno Päivinen

Galaxy duo in Leo, 


            Giovanni Benintende

Galaxy duo in Leo

05/17/2012, by Giovanni Benintende

The Sun in Hydrogen-Alpha, 


            Samuli Vuorinen

The Sun in Hydrogen-Alpha

05/16/2012, by Samuli Vuorinen

IC 434 - Horsehead Nebula, 


            Niels Wilkening

IC 434 - Horsehead Nebula

05/15/2012, by Niels Wilkening

M 106 in Canes Venatici, 



M 106 in Canes Venatici

05/14/2012, by rigel123

Close-up of AR1476, 


            Alessandro Bianconi

Close-up of AR1476

05/13/2012, by Alessandro Bianconi

ngc 3628, 



ngc 3628

05/12/2012, by oversky

Rho Ophiuchus Nebula, 



Rho Ophiuchus Nebula

05/11/2012, by rogerrao

southern milky way, 


            Max Mayer

southern milky way

05/10/2012, by Max Mayer





05/09/2012, by jelisa

The Crab Nebula, 


            Jean-Marie Locci

The Crab Nebula

05/08/2012, by Jean-Marie Locci

NGC 3521 Schulman 32-inch Telescope, 



NGC 3521 Schulman 32-inch Telescope

05/07/2012, by lamotrosse

Eta Carinae region Nebula's, 


            Jean-Marie Locci

Eta Carinae region Nebula's

05/05/2012, by Jean-Marie Locci

wide  orion, 


            Yokoyama kasuak

wide orion

05/04/2012, by Yokoyama kasuak