Contains:  Extremely wide field
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The Orion Spur, 


            Chris Beere

The Orion Spur

Technical card

Basic astrometry details job: 3313376

Resolution: 3896x5968

Locations: Tivoli Astro Farm, Windhoek, Namibia

Data source: Traveller


The Orion Spur of our galaxy as seen on a summers night from the Kalahari desert deep in the heart of Namibia.

Capture :

Imaged over 2 nights in January 2020 from the Khomas region of Namibia on the Tropic of Capricorn - 23.4 degrees south
SQM 22.07 - Bortle Class 1
Canon 6D MKII modified by Andy Ellis
Sigma Art 14mm @ f/4.0
2 panel mosaic. Each panel is 1 hour of integration. 15 x 4 minutes @ ISO 1600
Tracked on a Fornax LighTrack II

Processing :

This is a reprocess using a new projection for the mosaic to mitigate distortion.

Calibrated in RawTherapee (Flats, defringe, white balance, noise reduction, AMaZE debayer)
Panels registered and integrated in PixInsight
Mosaic assembled in AutoPano 4.4.2 - Spherical projection
Imported back into PixInsight
Dynamic Background Extraction (300 samples)
SCNR Green
Masked Stretch
Histogram Transformation
Extracted Luminance Mask
Curves Transformation -> Saturation
Exported to Photoshop
Manual gradient removal with selective curves
Min filter to reduce starfield
Final levels adjust
Resampled and saved as PNG for web



The Orion Spur, 


            Chris Beere

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Made in Tivoli/Namibia