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AF3 Focuser on my Redcat 51, 


            Tim Hutchison

AF3 Focuser on my Redcat 51


This is a shot of the AF3 focuser for the William Optics Redcat 51 from Deep Sky Dad. This thing performed BEAUTIFULLY on my first night out. Big improvement over trying to manually focus that scope with the Bahtinov mask.

I was getting picture perfect V-curves from SGP and my first image with it came out well ( The installation was easy (20 mins) and the manufacturer provided the SGP setup on his website. Couldn't be happier!

I have no affiliation with this product or the company. I was just very happy with the product and I wanted to share my impressions with the Astrobin community.


Tim Hutchison
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AF3 Focuser on my Redcat 51, 


            Tim Hutchison

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