Contains:  Solar system body or event
Jupiter with a 150mm Dob, 


            Chappel Astro

Imaging cameras: ZWO ASI224MC

Software: Pleiades Astrophoto PixInsight  ·  FireCapture  ·  WinJUPOS  ·  AutoStakkert!

Filters: ZWO Luminance 1.25"

Accessory: 2x Barlow

Date:June 23, 2020

Time: 08:22

CMI: 291.40

CMII: 84.20

CMIII: 155.20

Seeing: 4

Transparency: 6

Resolution: 398x370

Locations: Home, Cibolo, Texas, United States

Data source: Backyard


I had taken in the C8, but the sky cleared again. Instead of risking a repeat of what happened earlier, I pulled out my Sky-Watcher Classic 150P to quickly get some nice views through the eyepiece. However, I decided to see what this telescope is capable of and inserted my ASI224MC. Although thin clouds interfered with the imaging, I can't complain about the results for a setup worth a few hundred dollars.



Chappel Astro
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Jupiter with a 150mm Dob, 


            Chappel Astro