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Mars 20201024 21h UT, 



Mars 20201024 21h UT

Mars 20201024 21h UT, 



Mars 20201024 21h UT

Technical card

Imaging telescopes or lenses: Lacerta Photonewton

Imaging cameras: Lacerta PlanetPro290GM

Mounts: Skywatcher AZ-EQ6

Software: Photoshop  ·  Autostakkert! 2

Date: Oct. 24, 2020

Time: 21:00

Frames: 300000

FPS: 400.00000

Focal length: 1000

Seeing: 3

Resolution: 1020x680

Locations: my little astrofarm, Weppersdorf, Austria

Data source: Backyard


dark features center from left to right: Vallis Marinieris, Aureum Chaos, Margaritifer Terra, Meridiani Planum. North: Acidalia Planitia and the north polar hood covered with cloud. The bright area to the right is Arabia Terra. The south polar cap is very small, Argyre and Noachis Terra show delicate Albedo structures.

10x 1-minute videos á 400fps were stacked together with Autostakkert. The ~200 alignment points helped to derotate the features. Rotation is obvious from minute to minute! Seeing was so-so but the huge amount of frames helped to get the best out of it. 5% of all frames were used for stacking.



Mars 20201024 21h UT,