Hemisphere:  Northern  ·  Contains:  M 94  ·  M94  ·  NGC 4736

Image of the day 11/18/2020

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    M94 Galaxy, 


            Jean-Baptiste Auroux
    Powered byPixInsight

    Imaging telescopes or lenses: Takahashi TSA 102

    Imaging cameras: Atik ONE 6.0

    Mounts: Skywatcher AZ EQ6 GT

    Guiding telescopes or lenses: Takahashi TSA 102

    Guiding cameras: Atik GP

    Software: Topaz Sharpen AI  ·  Pleiades Astrophoto PixInsight 1.8 Ripley  ·  Photoshop  ·  PHD Guiding 2  ·  Atik Artemis

    Filters: Astronomik Ha 6nm  ·  Astronomik LRGB 1,25"

    Accessory: Atik OAG

    Dates:May 21, 2020May 23, 2020May 24, 2020May 25, 2020

    Astronomik Ha 6nm: 12x600" -15C bin 1x1
    Astronomik B 1.25": 20x180" -15C bin 2x2
    Astronomik G 1.25": 20x180" -15C
    Astronomik L 1.25": 15x180" -15C bin 1x1
    Astronomik L 1.25": 60x600" -15C bin 1x1
    Astronomik R 1.25": 20x180" -15C bin 2x2

    Integration: 15.8 hours

    Darks: ~64

    Flats: ~12

    Bias: ~101

    Avg. Moon age: 8.35 days

    Avg. Moon phase: 3.23%

    Bortle Dark-Sky Scale: 4.00

    Astrometry.net job: 4001416

    RA center: 12h 50' 53"

    DEC center: +41° 7' 9"

    Pixel scale: 1.148 arcsec/pixel

    Orientation: 13.522 degrees

    Field radius: 0.550 degrees

    Resolution: 2700x2147

    Locations: Fouras, Fouras, Charente-Maritime, France

    Data source: Backyard


    I tried for the first time the "trendy" software "Topaz sharpen" for this image ; as many users do so now for their astro images.

    The process was only applied on the inner core of the galaxy, and with many precautions (mask, low % of blend with the original… ) and rigorous verification that no virtual detail is created during the process. In fact, it was used more like the "sharpen" tool of PS ; which can surely leads to the same result but with many iterations…

    For this image, most of the detail come from classic deconvolution and HDR processing on Pixinsight ; Topaz was only useful to quickly give a "sharpen" aspect to the core of the galaxy.

    I think that used in that way, and with such precautions, it can be an interesting tool.




    Jean-Baptiste Auroux
    License: None (All rights reserved)


    • Final
      M94 Galaxy, 


            Jean-Baptiste Auroux
      M94 Galaxy, 


            Jean-Baptiste Auroux


    Description: AAPOD² celebration ! (11/28/2020 - https://www.aapod2.com/blog/galaxy-m94).

    Sky plot

    Sky plot


    M94 Galaxy, 


            Jean-Baptiste Auroux