Hemisphere:  Northern  ·  Constellation: Cassiopeia (Cas)  ·  Contains:  IC 1590  ·  NGC 281
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NGC281 - Pacman nebula, 


            Erik Pirtala
NGC281 - Pacman nebula
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NGC281 - Pacman nebula

Technical card

Imaging telescopes or lenses: GSO 6" f/4 Imaging Newtonian Telescope

Imaging cameras: ASI1600MM-C

Mounts: SkyWatcher EQ-6 Pro, SkyWatcher EQ-6 Pro

Focal reducers: Sky-watcher f/4 Aplnatic coma corrector

Software: Sequence Generator Pro Seqence Generator Pro  ·  PixInsight, Photoshop

Filters: Astrodon SII 3nm  ·  Astrodon OIII 3nm  ·  Astrodon E-Series Luminance Red, Green, Blue  ·  Astrodon Ha 5nm

Dates:Jan. 10, 2021

Frames: 125x360"

Integration: 12.5 hours

Avg. Moon age: 26.60 days

Avg. Moon phase: 9.40%

Basic astrometry details

Astrometry.net job: 4350284

RA center: 0h 52' 48"

DEC center: +56° 40' 55"

Pixel scale: 1.296 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 5.463 degrees

Field radius: 0.604 degrees

Resolution: 2298x2448

Data source: Own remote observatory

Remote source: Non-commercial independent facility


12,5 hours of Pacman nebula in SHO+RGB. Despite its brightness, this was a tough one to process



  • NGC281 - Pacman nebula, 


            Erik Pirtala
  • Final
    NGC281 - Pacman nebula, 


            Erik Pirtala


Description: Did not push it so far this time. Also tried less soft style

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Sky plot

Sky plot


NGC281 - Pacman nebula, 


            Erik Pirtala

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