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Messier 57 (Ring Nebula - Dizzled 3x), 


            Cristian Cestaro

Messier 57 (Ring Nebula - Dizzled 3x)


Constellation: Lyra.
Session: 30 Aug 2016.

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The Ring Nebula (also catalogued as Messier 57, M57 or NGC 6720) is a planetary nebula in the northern constellation of Lyra. Such objects are formed when a shell of ionized gas is expelled into the surrounding interstellar medium by a red giant star, which was passing through the last stage in its evolution before becoming a white dwarf.

Source: Wikipedia

• Optics: Skywatcher Black Diamond, 250/1200 f4.8.
• Mount: Skywatcher N-EQ6 Pro.
• Filters: ---.
• Accessories: Baader UHC-S (50,8mm).
• Camera: Atik 414 ex mono.

L (UHC-S): 29x60s | binning 1x1 | cooled -4°c.

Integration: 29 mins.
Correction: Darks, Bias.

Notes: Mono only, Cropped and Drizzled 3x.

DeepSkyStacker, Adobe Photoshop CS6.

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Cristian Cestaro
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Messier 57 (Ring Nebula - Dizzled 3x), 


            Cristian Cestaro

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