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            Jan Scheers
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            Jan Scheers
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Acquisition details

Aug. 13, 2022
Avg. Moon age:
16.39 days
Avg. Moon phase:

RA center: 21h20m45s.12

DEC center: +43°4820.8

Pixel scale: 4.746 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 95.300 degrees

Field radius: 3.654 degrees

WCS transformation: thin plate spline

More info:Open 

Resolution: 3864x3990

File size: 3.7 MB

Locations: IC Astronomy Observatory, Oria, Almeria, Spain

Data source: Amateur hosting facility

Remote source: Telescope Live


Sharpless 119, also known as the Clamshell Nebula, is a large complex of emission nebulosity in Cygnus, about 2 degrees east of the much more famous North America Nebula.
It is located just around 68 Cygni, a quite bright star of magnitude 5  and one of the stars responsible for ionizing the surrounding gas.  
Sharpless actually describes it as Type 3, "bright" in his famous "Catalogue of H II Regions" published in 1959. Interestingly, there are several dark lanes and dark globules overlaying the nebula. The area is part of the Milky Way and is populated by numerous stars.

This image is acquired with the Takahashi FSQ-106ED refractor and FLI PL16803 camera from Telescope Live in IC Astronomy Observatory, Oria, Spain.

Total integration time 360 minutes
SHO: 12 sub-frames of 600s with each filter.
Dataset Telescope Live.

Processing with PixInsight (using Autointegrate.js script from Jarmo Ruuth), StarXTerminator, Photoshop CC with AstroPanel Pro, Astronomy Tools, Topaz Sharpen AI and NoiseXTerminator plug-ins.


Sky plot

Sky plot




            Jan Scheers