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Animation ISS in color 29.08.2021, 


            Khisamutdinov Maksim

Animation ISS in color 29.08.2021

Acquisition details

Resolution: 800x600

File size: 11.3 MB

Locations: Домашняя обсерватория, Таганрог, Ростовская область, Russian Federation

Data source: Backyard


Animation ISS in color 29.08.2021 04:46:00 GMT, altitude ~80 degrees, 29 frames.
Mount eq8 evilmode v3. seeing 3/5, transparency 5/5 (1-bad, 5-excellent).
Celestron C14 XLT (~4 meters-direct focus) + GSO 2 " focuser + Baader IR-cut + asi462mc. 160fps 600x400, mono12, gain 250 (overdone), shutter speed 0.8 ms. Adding 30% of 280 frames in AS!3 with wavelets, 100%.


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