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Messier 87, 


            Cristian Cestaro

Messier 87


Constellation: Virgo.
Session: 26 Mar 2019

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Messier 87 (also known as Virgo A or NGC 4486, generally abbreviated to M87) is a supergiant elliptical galaxy in the constellation Virgo. One of the most massive galaxies in the local Universe, it is notable for its large population of globular clusters—about 12,000 compared to the 150–200 orbiting the Milky Way—and its jet of energetic plasma that originates at the core and extends at least 1,500 parsecs (4,900 light-years), traveling at relativistic speed. It is one of the brightest radio sources in the sky, and a popular target for both amateur and professional astronomers.

Source: Wikipedia

• Optics: Takahashi FSQ-85EDX super apo (quadruplet 85/450).
• Mount: Skywatcher N-EQ6 Pro.
• Filters: Astronomik L (36 mm), Optolong L-PRO.
• Accessories: QHYCCD QHYCFW-2-M motorized filter wheel, Primalucelab Sesto Senso .
• Camera: QHY163M mono camera.

Lum (Optolong L-PRO): 108x60s | binning 1x1 | Gain 60 | Offset 30 | cooled - 20°c.

Integration: 1.8 hours.
Correction: Darks, Flats, Bias

Notes: Clouds,crop, light polluttion, moonlight.

Pixinsight, Adobe Photoshop.

© • Cristian Cestaro



Cristian Cestaro


Messier 87, 


            Cristian Cestaro

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