Hemisphere:  Northern  ·  Constellation: Cassiopeia (Cas)  ·  Contains:  IC 1590  ·  NGC 281  ·  Sh2-184
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Pacman Nebula (RGB), 


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Pacman Nebula (RGB), 


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Acquisition details

Nov. 9, 2020
282×140(10h 58′)
10h 58′
Avg. Moon age:
23.11 days
Avg. Moon phase:

RA center: 00h52m42s.68

DEC center: +56°3730.6

Pixel scale: 1.103 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: -0.923 degrees

Field radius: 0.685 degrees

More info:Open 

Resolution: 3384x2920

File size: 1.1 MB

Locations: Mathias, Mathias, WV, United States

Data source: Own remote observatory

Remote source: Non-commercial independent facility


Although this is listed as "own remote observatory" it's not actually mine. I was invited as a guest into someone else's own remote observatory and while my equipment is there, this was taken with his (very nice) equipment.

This is the Pacman Nebula in RGB and was interesting to process. First, it was my first image with a CCD camera and it was interesting to see how processing CCD data differed from my own ASI1600 CMOS camera. On the plus side, the noise was smoother and better behaved. On the downside, the higher read noise made for longer exposures. Though on the plus side it was a 16-bit camera compared to my 12-bit camera. On the whole, it was pretty easy data to work with.

The image scale was just over 1"/pixel and quite a bit finer than on my rig. In the end I kept processing fairly simple:

On each R, G and B master:

Mure Denise


For the combined RGB master:

channel combination


Histogram Transformation

LHE (using a range mask)

Curves for saturation and contrast

Adv Sharpening script

Adam Block's modified star de-emphasis using starnet++


Sky plot

Sky plot


Pacman Nebula (RGB),