A public data pool created by JanD, with 402.5 MB in 2 images.

Taken in La Palma with a Pentax 105 SDP through a Canon EOS 600Da. Pixinsight integration of 39 x 360s or 20 x 25s for the core.

1 total_360s.fit JanD201.3 MB Jan. 27, 2018
2 core_25s.fit JanD201.3 MB Jan. 27, 2018

This public data pool was created on Jan. 27, 2018 by JanD. It consists of 402.5 MB in 2 images. You can contribute by donating your raw files, if you are subscribed to AstroBin Raw Data, or you can download the available data and try to process it!

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