A public data pool created by cgome004, with 51.4 MB in 3 images.

Here is the core of the Soul in SHO through my RC8 and captured with a QSI690.


Chris Gomez

Processing submissions for this pool

Name User Size Uploaded
1 IC1848 SII.fit cgome004 17.1 MB Feb. 10, 2018
2 IC1848 OIII.fit cgome004 17.1 MB Feb. 10, 2018
3 IC1848 Ha.fit cgome004 17.1 MB Feb. 10, 2018

This public data pool was created on Feb. 10, 2018 by cgome004. It consists of 51.4 MB in 3 images. You can contribute by donating your raw files, if you are subscribed to AstroBin Raw Data, or you can download the available data and try to process it!

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