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A public data pool created by rmuhlack, with 116.3 MB in 1 images.

Over 50 hours of DSLR image data of NGC1097, captured over 12 nights from my home observatory in South Australia. The FITS file here is the linear image after calibration and stacking.

I have been able to reveal three of the four optical jets (possibly a first for a DSLR image of this target...?), however my processing skills are intermediate rather than advanced and so I am curious to see if those more experienced can reveal more. My processed version can be found here:

Telescope: Vixen VC200L with f6.4 reducer
Camera: DIY modded Canon 1000D with regulated peltier cooling @ 10C
Guiding: Lacerta OAG with QHY5L-II
Mount: Skywatcher NEQ6
Exposure details: 305 x 10mins @ ISO1600
Pre-processing: Pixinsight 1.8, calibration with master dark (50 frames) superbias (200 frames) and flats collected after each imaging session (50 frames per day). ImageIntegration: Average Combination, Noise evaluation, k-sigma/biweight scale estimator, Linear Fit clipping rejection

Processing submissions for this pool

1 NGC1097_rmuhlack_integration3_3050min... rmuhlack116.3 MB Sept. 28, 2014

This public data pool was created on Sept. 28, 2014 by rmuhlack. It consists of 116.3 MB in 1 images. You can contribute by donating your raw files, if you are subscribed to AstroBin Raw Data, or you can download the available data and try to process it!

Download Size before zip compression: 116.3 MB


You can use this space to discuss this public data pool and exchange information and tips with other contributors or people who want to process the data.