A public data pool created by cgome004, with 68.0 MB in 2 images.

This data pool contains the stacked image of IC410 and shot with my QSI690 through my RC8". The images have also been calibrated with darks, bias, and flats.

Ha 12x1200sec @ -10 Deg C
OIII 12x1200sec @ -10 Deg C

Feel free to give the data a try for a bicolor composition!


Christopher Gomez

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1 IC410 RC8 QSI690 OIII.fit cgome00434.0 MB June 17, 2017
2 IC410 RC8 QSI690 Ha.fit cgome00434.0 MB June 17, 2017

This public data pool was created on June 17, 2017 by cgome004. It consists of 68.0 MB in 2 images. You can contribute by donating your raw files, if you are subscribed to AstroBin Raw Data, or you can download the available data and try to process it!

Download Size before zip compression: 68.0 MB


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