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Image of the day 01/30/2020

    Mercury from Chilescope (April 2019), 


            Dzmitry Kananovich


    Acquisition details

    Date: April 9, 2019

    Time: 11:20

    Focal length: 16000

    Seeing: 3

    Transparency: 9

    Resolution: 900x1200

    File size: 138.9 KB

    Locations: Chilescope observatory, Ovale, Chile

    Data source: Own remote observatory

    Remote source: ChileScope


    Mercury images taken with remotely operated 1 m telescope in Chile.

    Not the best seeing conditions, so the images are rather scarcely detailed. However, three ray crater systems are clearly seen as bright spots near the limb (Amaral, Enwonwu and Eastman craters), as well as Caloris Planitia can be spotted as a pale spot at the northern part of the planet (South is up).

    Joined result with Astronominsk team.

    Data acquisition: Dzmitry Kananovich; Michail Abgarian

    Image Processing: Yuri Goryachko.

    More information and identification of albedo markings can be found here:

    9 April image

    12 April image



    Mercury from Chilescope (April 2019), 


            Dzmitry Kananovich