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NGC 1555 Hind's Variable Nebula, 


            Dawn Lowry
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NGC 1555 Hind's Variable Nebula

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NGC 1555 Hind's Variable Nebula, 


            Dawn Lowry
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NGC 1555 Hind's Variable Nebula

Acquisition details

Nov. 7, 2021
102×180(5h 6′)
5h 6′
Avg. Moon age:
3.01 days
Avg. Moon phase:

RA center: 04h22m15s.560

DEC center: +19°1257.70

Pixel scale: 0.820 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: -2.020 degrees

Field radius: 0.697 degrees

WCS transformation: thin plate spline

More info:Open 

Resolution: 3612x4940

File size: 4.0 MB

Data source: Traveller


NGC 1555 Hind’s Variable Nebula This past November (2021) A group of us headed to West Texas under B1 skies for 9 wonderful nights and imaged.  
A variable nebula is a reflection nebulae that changes in brightness because of changes in the star whose light it reflects. In this case the nebula is illuminated by T Tauri (the bright orange star in the image), an only one million years old variable star, ranging in magnitude from 8.5 to 13.5. This star is the prototype of the class of T Tauri variable stars, a class of young (less than a few million years old), Sun-like stars still in the early stages of formation.Both star and nebula are seen to vary significantly in brightness but not necessarily at the same time, adding to the mystery of the intriguing region. To further complicate the picture, infrared observations suggest that NGC 1555 may also contain a very young stellar object. So, the nebula is also a Herbig–Haro object (HH 155). 

This is my edit from a Collaboration of data acquisition under Bortle 1 skies at the Shurley Ranch in Marfa, Texas, November 2021, by Dawn Lowry, Gian Lorenzo Ferretti, Ewa Pasiak and Terry Felty.   

Date: Nov 7, 2021
Scope: Explore scientific ES127CF FCD-100 for both the Lum and color data
Camera: ASI2600MM  
Frames: Astrodon LRGB Gen 262:19:11:10 180sec each frame. 

Total Integration: 5h 6m Thank you for looking and~CLEAR SKIES>

Locations: West Texas Bortle 1 Shurley Ranch, Marfa, TX, United States  

processing Pixinsight: Color workflow
DBE individually with careful attention to dusty regions.
BGN and color calibration;
MLT for Noise reduction with mask selection
Lum workflow~
decon with autopsf 20 iterations 5 layers;
MLT for noise reduction x 2 HT for Lum with Bg at 11% for both color and Lum-further stretch with Lum mask-
LHE after for small and larger kernels masked for the nebula regions. Only at 15%
Multiple masks for Curves with range and color and Lum masking for lightness and sat boost
XPTR with Lum mask for lum boost;
Morph to reduce the stars two iterations
INVERT SCNR for residual magenta
ICC color profile


Sky plot

Sky plot


NGC 1555 Hind's Variable Nebula, 


            Dawn Lowry

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