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The Mineral Moon - A collaborative image, 


            Connor Matherne

The Mineral Moon - A collaborative image

Technical card

Imaging telescopes or lenses: Takahashi TOA-150  ·  Meade LX80 8" ACF

Imaging cameras: ZWO optical ASI120MC

Software: Autostackert! 2  ·  PixInsight

Frames: 85300

Focal length: 2032

Resolution: 5544x5544

Data source: Backyard


This was an older image I never shared on here. However, I thought it would fit right in with the Fine-Art Astrophotography group.

The above image is a combination of efforts from both myself, and by Andrew James McCarthy (

I took an 80 panel mosaic of the moon (~80,000 frames), and he supplied the dark side using his own 5,300 frames. He then blended my finished image, with his to create an image of the moon showcasing both sides. I had tried to do this in the past, but failed miserably. He definitely has much more experience with this than I do, and it was a blast to get to work with a close friend on a project like this. This was a nice opportunity given our difference in interest with myself leaning towards deep space, while he enjoys solar system photography. Additionally, the stars were also blended from another longer exposure image. All in all, we probably went through 5 different iterations of this image, with this being the final and both of our favorites. In an effort to not clog my equipment list with his own, he used an ASI1600mm and Edge HD 800

Hope you enjoy :)



The Mineral Moon - A collaborative image, 


            Connor Matherne

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