Hemisphere:  Northern  ·  Contains:  NGC 7380  ·  NGC7380  ·  PK107-00.1  ·  Sh2-142  ·  Sh2-143
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The Wizard Nebula, 


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The Wizard Nebula

Acquisition type: Electronically-Assisted Astronomy (EAA, e.g. based on a live video feed)

Imaging telescopes or lenses: ASA - Astro Systeme Austria ASA 10'

Imaging cameras: Canon Ra

Mounts: Paramount MyT

Guiding telescopes or lenses: Sky-Watcher Evostar 72ED Evostar 72ED

Guiding cameras: ASI ZWO 120 Mini

Focal reducers: ASA - Astro System Austria ASA 3" Wynne Reducer Korrektor 0,95x

Software: Astro Pixel Processor by Aries Astro Pixel Precessor  ·  Adobe Photoshop CC 2019  ·  BackyardEOS  ·  The SkyX Pro  ·  MaxPilote  ·  PIXINSIGHT PixInsinght 1.8 RC7

Accessory: X-rite i1 Display Pro  ·  EIZO ColorEdge CS2420

Dates:May 19, 2020May 20, 2020Sept. 8, 2020Sept. 9, 2020Sept. 10, 2020Sept. 11, 2020Sept. 12, 2020Sept. 13, 2020

286x300" ISO1600 bin 1x1
300x68" ISO1600 bin 1x1

Integration: 29.5 hours

Darks: ~40

Flats: ~20

Bias: ~140

Avg. Moon age: 23.82 days

Avg. Moon phase: 34.74%

Astrometry.net job: 3982516

RA center: 22h 47' 13"

DEC center: +58° 7' 43"

Pixel scale: 1.224 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 9.404 degrees

Field radius: 1.224 degrees

Resolution: 5895x4141

Locations: Jardin, TOUL, Lorraine, France

Data source: Own remote observatory

Remote source: Non-commercial independent facility



License: None (All rights reserved)


  • The Wizard Nebula, 


  • The Wizard Nebula, 


  • The Wizard Nebula, 


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    The Wizard Nebula, 



Sky plot

Sky plot


The Wizard Nebula,