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A backyard amateur astrophotographer enjoying retirement with my wife on beautiful Lake Livingston in Onalaska, Texas, about 90 minutes north of Houston.

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I enjoy creating compilation posters every so often. Sometimes I print them out for my wall, other times I just use them as a screen background. And sometimes it is simply fun to be able to compare objects on the same page, looking for patterns or differences. The posters are shown below in the following order, starting with the most recent: Pseudo-Ring Spirals, Open Arm Spirals, Complete Hickson Galaxy Group Collection, Galaxies with Outer Disk Star Formation, The Trumpler Classification System for Open Star Clusters, Concentric Ring Galaxies, Lenticular Galaxies, Sombrero-Type Galaxies, Mysteriously Disturbed Galaxies, Many Arm Galaxies, Star-forming Ring Galaxies, Billion Light Year Club, Single Bright Arm Galaxies, 3 Arm Spiral Galaxies, Top Ignored DSOs, Sharpless Highlights, Asterisms, Globular Clusters, Supernova Remnants, Herbig-Haro Objects, Protoplanetary Nebulae, My Top 100 Astrophotography Targets, LDN Catalogue, Wolf-Rayet Nebulae, LBN Catalogue, Young Stellar Objects, Sharpless Catalogue (HII), Sharpless Catalogue (Narrowband), Caldwell Catalogue, Messier Catalogue, Gum Catalogue, vdB Catalogue, Abell Galaxy Cluster Catalogue, Barnard Dark Nebulae Catalogue, Arp Catalogue, Kohoutek PN Catalogue, Minkowski PN Catalogue, Abell PN Catalogue, Galaxy Barlenses, Galaxy Rings Part 1, Galaxy Bulges, Flocculent Galaxies, M51-Type Galaxies, Anemic Galaxies, Galaxy Merger Classification, Blue Compact Dwarf (BCD) Galaxies, Favorite Hickson Galaxies, TIE Galaxies, Interacting Galaxy Triplets, Cars of the Cosmos, Extragalactic Globular Clusters, PN Methodology II, Owl-Type Planetary Nebulae, Magellanic Galaxies, Cannibalized Objects from the SDSG, Irregular Spirals, Polar Rings, Superthin Galaxies, Antennae Galaxies, Galaxy Chains , Galaxy Loops, VV Rows, Grand Design Galaxies, Late Stage Mergers, Hexagons, Elliptical Shells, Superlong Tidal Tails, Nuclear Rings, Collisional Rings, Bright Planetary Nebulae of the Night Sky, Griffiths Planetary List, Brightest Galaxies, Small Packages, Orphaned Beauties, Secret Deep, Hidden Treasures, My 100 Favorite Astrobin Images (2020), PN Methodology I, Top 50 Arp Galaxies, Worst DSO Nicknames, Caldwell Objects, Top 100 Astrophotography Objects (2018), Messier Objects, Messier Objects - To Scale