Gary Imm



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This catalog contains 109 great astrophotography objects, none of which have found a home in the 4 main DSO compilations (Messier, Caldwell, Hidden Treasure and Secret Deep). All of these OB objects are at least 4 arc-minutes in size and usually are much larger, enabling these targets to be accessible by anyone with scopes in the common focal length range of 400 to 1000 mm. The list includes some objects, like the Horsehead Nebula and the Seagull Nebula, which are among the very best objects that the sky has to offer. Others, such as the Teapot Nebula, Gyulbuddaghian’s Nebula, and the Hermit Crab Nebula, are more obscure. This catalog has more diversity than any of the other 4 catalogs, containing 28 galaxies, 14 emission nebulae, 14 HII regions, 11 dark nebulae, 9 reflection nebulae, 9 supernova remnants, 7 galaxy clusters, 6 planetary nebulae, 4 open star clusters, 4 bright nebulae, 2 Wolf-Rayet nebulae, and 1 globular star cluster. The first image below is a poster containing images of all of the objects, as well as a table which summarizes the key information for each object. After that, the Orphaned Beauties are shown in order starting with OB1.