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A backyard amateur astrophotographer enjoying retirement with my wife on beautiful Lake Livingston in Onalaska, Texas, about 90 minutes north of Houston.

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The Caldwell Catalog is a list of 109 sky objects published by Patrick Moore in 1995 as a complement to the most famous astronomy catalog, the Messier Catalog from the 1700s (which has its own page on this site). The Messier Catalog was never intended to be a list of the best objects in the sky to observe, but as a list of objects to avoid when looking for comets. Messier did not include many of the sky's brightest deep-sky objects,and only included objects he could see from Paris. The Caldwell Catalog includes the best and most interesting objects which are not on Messier's list, covering the entire sky. The Caldwell objects are listed in order of declination from north (C1 is +85) to south (C109 is -80). Below is a compilation of all of the Caldwell objects that I have been able to image from my house in East Texas (31 degress north latitude), which includes the first 85 of the 109 Caldwell objects. The objects are listed in order starting with C1, after my Caldwell poster.