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Image of the day 07/19/2020

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    Comet NEOWISE 2020, 


            Debra Ceravolo

    Comet NEOWISE 2020

    Technical card

    Imaging telescopes or lenses: Ceravolo CDK dual config. 300mm f/9

    Imaging cameras: SBIG STF 8050 SC

    Mounts: Software Bisque Paramount ME

    Software: Diffraction Ltd MaxIm DL Pro 6  ·  Adobe Photoshop CS5

    Date: July 8, 2020

    Frames: 160

    Focal length: 2700

    Basic astrometry details job: 3657622

    Resolution: 2000x2429

    Locations: Home observatory, Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada

    Data source: Backyard


    Caught this between the trees the early morning of July 8th, 2020. Was testing a new one color shot CCD camera. 160, 1 second exposures stacked.



    Comet NEOWISE 2020, 


            Debra Ceravolo

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